Ashley Lister’s A-Z of Horror: E is for Exorcism

by Ashley Lister exorcism/ˈɛksɔːsɪz(ə)m/nounthe expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposed evil spirit from a person or place.“the rite of exorcism” Exorcism is an unsettling topic that lives in the uncanny valley between reality and unreality. Worse, whether it’s genuine or not, it still indicates that the good and safe world I want to inhabit … Read more

The Cursed Blog Tour: Day Five

By Ashley Lister Do you want to win a free book? On March 1st, 2021, I’ll be releasing Cursed, the third novella in my series of dark tales from Innsmouth. This is a fun little story that looks at the relationship between storytellers and the stories they tell. The characters in this particular novella are … Read more