Classic Horror Literature: The Monkey’s Paw

Last week on the Ash and Col podcast we were discussing the classic short story W.W. Jacobs’ The Monkey’s Paw. “Monkey’s paw?” said Mrs. White curiously.“Well, it’s just a bit of what you might call magic, perhaps,” said the Sergeant-Major, without first stopping to think.His three listeners leaned forward excitedly. Deep in thought, the visitor … Read more

Classic Horror Literature: The Boogeyman

‘I came to you because I want to tell my story,’ the man on Dr Harper’s couch was saying. The man was Lester Billings from Waterbury, Connecticut. According to the history taken from Nurse Vickers, he was twenty-eight, employed by an industrial firm in New York, divorced, and the father of three children. All deceased.‘I … Read more

Classic Horror Literature: Dracula

By Ashley Lister Last week I said I was going to start writing about supernatural aspects of various counties throughout the UK. Then, having written about Ghost Stations on the London Underground, I grew bored with the topic. Partly this is because I’ve got very little interest in geography. And, because I’m worried that this … Read more

Ashley Lister’s A-Z of Horror: Z is for Zippy

Since I started writing this feature, I’ve been expecting to look at zombies for this instalment. However, the more I think about it, the more I realise that Zippy from Rainbow represents a far greater horror than any of the undead.   For those of you unaware of Zippy, he’s a puppet who appeared on … Read more

Ashley Lister’s A-Z of Horror: W is for Witches

 Witches come across as a type of woman who is mightily pissed off. There is good reason for this. According to writer and historian Ellen Castelow, “Witchcraft was made a capital offence in Britain in 1563, although it was deemed heresy and denounced as such by Pope Innocent VIII in 1484. From 1484 until around … Read more

Ashley Lister’s A-Z of Horror: V is for Video Nasties

I grew up when video nasties were a real thing. Nowadays they’re a chapter in the history books akin to superstition: something close to the idea of burning witches or knocking on wood for good luck.   To contextualise this, VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders) were first made commercially available in 1976. Prior to this, if … Read more