The Hitman’s Faith – Elizabeth McGarty-Wood

The Hitman’s Faith by Elizabeth McGarty-Wood The Hitman’s Faith Chapter One It was precisely 14:30 on a mid-September day when Adam Riker strode over the red-tiled pavement and through the doors of the Huntington Hotel. The elegant Georgian style building sat at the summit of the historic Nob Hill area of San Francisco. Today was … Read more

The Journey – Elizabeth McGarty-Wood

The Journey by Elizabeth McGarty-Wood Stumbling from the Spotlight Club.Heads swirling and filled with eclectic culture.We slip our way back to the car,on slick shiny pavements, thick with autumn leaves.Locks plip open.We slide inside the frost interior.Frank takes the wheel and off we roar.Windows steaming as our bodies heat the air. Trying to negotiate the … Read more

Lights Out – Elaine Ridgway

Lights out by Elaine Ridgeway Home at nightAll on my ownHouse is quiet nowInto bed, wiped outTurn the lights out. Noises, Wake me from my slumberFrozen stiff in my bedWhat was that? Could it be an alley cat?Better check it out, stop hiding under the bedspread. I walk to the doorSearching for the lightLights go … Read more

The Crypt Coffee

Due to lockdown 2.0 from Thursday 5th November, we are cancelling our Crypt Coffee meetings until further notice. This is in accordance with guidelines. Once government guidelines open cafes and allow household mixing, we will start the meetings again. Thanks to everyone who has joined us so far. We would also like to say thanks … Read more

It’s Only A Movie

Oh the horror, oh how she screams.The glint of the knife’s steel,Reflected off the studio lights.Don’t worry it’s not real. The masked killer reveals his face,He puts away the knife.‘Don’t be frightened my dear’, he saysAnd hugs his on-screen wife. The fear has gone, she’s all safe now.She’s relaxed, she feels groovy.There is no need … Read more