Colin Davies’ A-Z of Horror: E is for Ectoplasm

“Somebody blows their nose, and you want to keep it?” (Venkman, 1984). This week is all about the slime that holds the spooky spirited apparitions of the dearly departed, and nefarious naughties, together. That is right, no haunting can ever truly be complete without…   E is for Ectoplasm   From the parlours of Victorian … Read more



Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. From the gigantic battling behemoths Godzilla and King Kong to the all-consuming cellula beasts in The Thing. Huge accent gods found at the Mountains of Madness or insignificant humans whose atrocities in death camps and killing fields far outdo those of fictional creatures. The primal fear of what … Read more

Dr Zomlove

Dr Zomlove by Colin J Davies   All the people stop and stare As my baby walks down the road She’s more than just a woman to me She’s my reanimated Venus de Milo   My undead sweetheart Love from beyond the grave With tight grey leathered skin Mud matted hair,  with a perfect wave … Read more