Colin Davies’ A-Z of Horror: G is for Ghastly

For this shockingly terrible and frightful A-Z of horror blog this week I have chosen something so utterly horrid that it will make you go pale. It is the most brutal of murders, the most hideous of monsters and the most dreadful of reviews. To gaze upon it would make even the most hard-hearted of people vomit in fear…


G is for Ghastly


When I say ghastly most kids think of Pokémon. “No!” I exclaim flabbergasted, “That’s Gastly.” And for those of you not in the Pokémon know, Gastly is a Gas Pokémon, there, you have been told.


Ghastly (to use the correct spelling) is a word that describes both the contents of a story and the quality of it at the same time. From a full-on gore-soaked, rage ripping violent killing leaving a scene so ghastly the detective had to fight to keep their breakfast inside on first view, to a story so bad, so utterly shit that the words used in the prose (like the ones in this blog) consider themselves to be tainted by being present is such a ghastly piece of writing.


It is the description of a creature so hideous in appearance that misogynists weep in fear at the mere sight of it. It is the atmosphere of a murder house so full of dread you can actually taste the particles of the victims still floating in the air. It is the morals and attitudes of those repugnant creatures that end up in politics or writing for the Daily Mail.



Putrid and slimy
Rancid and grimy
Heads up on spikes
You cry out “oh, why me?”

Pungent and sticky
Revolting and icky
Intestines all spilt out
The death of poor Micky

Revolting and pale
Repulsive and frail
Where is his wife’s head?
Don’t look in the mail.

Nasty and Vicious
Cold and capricious
She looks at the young boy
“Why, he looks delicious.”

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