Dr Zomlove

Dr Zomlove by Colin J Davies


All the people stop and stare
As my baby walks down the road
She’s more than just a woman to me
She’s my reanimated Venus de Milo


My undead sweetheart
Love from beyond the grave
With tight grey leathered skin
Mud matted hair,  with a perfect wave


Your eyes are void of any light
That drives this boy insane
You say you love me for my mind
Though what you actually said was “Brains!”


My undead sweetheart
A necrophiles wet dream
Even though you’re walking around
You’re the deadest thing I’ve ever seen


I love you dead darling
You were always meant for me
I’ve loved you since the day you died
And came back up as a Zombie


My undead sweetheart
I hope you’re always by my side
Now make me the happiest man around
By agreeing to become my corpse bride


Oh Zombie baby

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