Lights Out – Elaine Ridgway

Lights out by Elaine Ridgeway

Home at night
All on my own
House is quiet now
Into bed, wiped out
Turn the lights out.

Noises, Wake me from my slumber
Frozen stiff in my bed
What was that? Could it be an alley cat?
Better check it out, stop hiding under the bedspread.

I walk to the door
Searching for the light
Lights go on, can’t hear noise no more
Lights go out, I walk across the floor.

Try to sleep, voices nearby disturbing me
Who’s there?
Is someone breaking in?
Hide behind the door
Lights on, my heart is racing

Lights out
Back under the duvet
Feels like I’m being watched
It’s that clown, in the bedroom chair
How did it get there?

Lights on
I check the house
Doors and windows locked
Grab that clown, put it in its box
Go downstairs, lock it in the shed
Lights out, finally, back to bed.

1 thought on “Lights Out – Elaine Ridgway”

  1. Great poem really evokes that feeling of fear when you’re all alone at night and you hear that strange noise. Do you ignore it or investigate? Is all just inside your head?


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