Monster by Shauna Jones-Meehan


Under the covers I do hide,

Will today be an easy ride?

All these thoughts in my head,

Makes me never want to leave this bed.

No-one’s hand to hold,

No-one to share my load.

Deep inside,

There’s this voice I do hide,

Of the thing I am not,

I still have not forgotten,

About this black Cloud,

Is always around,

To haunt me,

And never let me just be,

I push it away,

Yet it comes back the next day,

It likes to remind of all my mistakes,

My mind is what it breaks.


My mind is so fragile,

Broken pieces all in a pile.

I hear many voices,

with so many choices,

this anger was clear,

why did it disappear?

Hopelessness is here,

I’m starting to feel fear.

I jump from one to the next,

I’m not sure I’m at my best.

I hate that I feel,

I may never know what is real.

My mind is really not in order,

What the fuck is this disorder.

I feel I’m an imposter,

I am the monster.


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