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What counts as ‘literary’ fiction?   That’s not an easy question to answer. But for us, generally, it’s about the quality of the writing.  We don’t mind if the story contains an alien, a ghost or two, if it is a mystery, if someone is murdered and someone else has to figure out who dun’ it, so long as your writing is of a good standard, the plot makes sense, your characters have some depth and are not two dimensional and it follows a horror theme. We don’t even mind a bit of erotica.  


What type of documents should I send? We prefer a word document or RTF document.  


How should I send you my work? Please use the form below for submissions (please note we do not accept submissions via any other means.)  


Please make sure the work you submit is your own. Any copyright infringements could lead to the refusal of further submissions.  


We reserve the right to refuse publication of your submission. This could be for a number of reasons and we will contact you directly.


Can I send multiple or simultaneous submissions? We accept up to three submissions of short stories or poetry at a time by the same author. Each story should preferably be in a separate document.  



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