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Colin J DaviesColin Davies (1970-) was born in Brighton. At the age of 17, he moved to Blackpool where he embarked on a journey to become a successful and highly respected author, poet, and playwright.


His second novel for children, “Mathamagical II: Anagramaphobia – at word’s end” is a 2015 Red Ribbon winner at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Colin’s solo spoken word show “2001: A Space Ode and Ditty” was short-listed for the 2015 Saboteur show of the year award, placing third.


Colin lives with his partner and son and writes in many different genres and styles, however, he maintains that his heart can always be found in his children’s stories and poetry.


Colin has sat on the committee of the Lancashire Dead Good Poets Society. He writes reviews and blog posts for the award-winning website deadgoodpoets.blogspot.co.uk and altblackpool.co.uk as well as regular updates to his own blog. He has been instrumental in helping local poets into positions as writers in residence and seeks to help writers advance in their chosen field of art.


His love of film, music, poetry, and football infuse with his memories of childhood to create wonderful tales.


Watch a short reading of the book at www.facebook.com/mathamagical


Simon JaySimon Jay is a true Sand Grown ‘Un, which is something not a lot of people living in Blackpool can actually attest to, not that they’d want to either.


Simon is a qualified Baker and Chef. He also has a history in graphic design, art, theatre, and lighting. He also spent many years as a club DJ and remixer. One release, ‘I Just Wanna Fucking Dance’ hit number one in Prague.


He enjoys all forms of horror from the ridiculous to the ultra scary. Comics to film. He believes the genre is capable of telling any story about any subject. 


He is currently attending a degree course in English alongside Colin. He hopes to one day get published and be taken seriously as a writer. 


This brings us nicely to our next staff writer, Ash. Ash is also tutor to Colin and Simon.

Ashley Lister is a prolific author of genre fiction, having written more than fifty full length titles, over a hundred short stories, as well as articles, academic papers and poems.


He is the author of How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published, a five star writing guide that has been described as “A must have for anyone serious about publishing their short stories” and “Wish it had been available years ago.”  He says his favourite review on that title is the one headed, “A very handsome book by a very handsome author.”


Ashley is also the holder of a PhD in Creative Writing and, for anyone who enjoys reading such material, you can access a copy of his thesis through this link: Ashley’s Thesis.


In addition to this, to cope with the rigours of lockdown, he’s been revising and re-releasing some of my horror fiction. Rights had reverted on a handful of titles and the isolation of the national quarantine gave him the opportunity to read through them, tweak parts that seemed dated, and republish the titles for a new audience.


Ashley has also re-released a series of vampire erotica that he had previously published under the pseudonym Lisette Ashton. These titles, The BloodLust Chronicles, are available on Amazon and he hopes to add a couple of other reverted-rights titles to these works in the very near future.


Now that this back catalogue of titles has been re-released, Ashley is working on a handful of horror novel ideas he’s been wanting to explore for the past few years.


Aside from writing, regularly blogging about poetry and writing in general, Ashley also lectures in creative writing. He is the regular host for Blackpool’s Pub Poets and his poetry is renowned for being outrageous, offensive and darkly amusing..

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