Colin Davies’ A-Z of Horror: D is for Damned

Think hard, as without memory you’ll never understand what you ever did to deserve this. It is time for my A to Z of horror. This week I am because I published, the Village is controlled by the children, and every night I’m there I break my heart to please. That’s right…


D is for Damned


To be Dammed is to have your water blocked by earth, wood, or stone. Wait a minute. Let me just check that spelling? Of course, I’m actually talking about Damned, those condemned by God to suffer, people sent to burn in “Hell and damnation”, to live a life of eternal turmoil, slave to the Devil himself.


The damned pretty much forms one half of any horror story. Whether it’s the supernatural force that has damned the protagonists, a ghost damned to walk the earth forever, a house that is so damned it should be raised the ground and the earth sewn with salt. It could be the camp supervisors damned by the mother of a child who died at the cam, or the old school bullies damned at their school reunion by their bullied victim. In short, every horror story needs someone to be punished, whether they deserve it or not.


And the damned are not always the ones who die. Jason is very much damned in his pursuit of the perfect kill, and do you think Freddy is happy being in locked inside the dreams of teenagers (don’t answer that!) Even in A Christmas Carol good old Mr Scrooge is Damned until he changes his course and becomes a good and charitable person.


See the Damned

Their faces are
As yours and mine
Start Devine
But given time
Souls will swim
Into waters deep
Where currents creep
And pull their feet
Down the damned well
Where fires dwell
Ring the lost souls’ bell
To tell them who knows
A story of woes
Face harsh fierce blows
Crushing what remains
Leaving those insane
To laugh at the flower
Dancing in the rain.

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